Pixel 4A 5G & Pixel 5 – questions

A few questions for you 4A 5G and 5 users. I’m re-visiting these two devices as possible purchases, but wanted to get some real world feedback first.

1) Is RAM an issue on either of these devices for someone who’s a light user (I don’t game at all). Does either phone feel sluggish, just doing basic tasks (scrolling, gestures, etc)? Seems like, from what I’ve read, both devices’ RAM is perfectly sufficient for every day, light-to-medium use.

2) On the 5 … with the top speaker under the glass … is phone call quality at least acceptable? Seems call quality would really suffer with the speaker under the glass. I don’t expect it to be STEREO-clear, as long as there’s no issues carrying on a conversation.

3) How has the software experience been so far? I know it’s raw Android, and the software experience should be great (in theory), but every phone has the potential to have bugs/glitches. Just curious if you’ve run into any catastrophic-level/show stopper bugs so far.

4) If any of you have switched from a Galaxy device to a Pixel, have you found that you really miss the over-abundance of features on Galaxy phones, or are you perfectly happy with the clean, no bloat software experience as the trade off?

5) I don’t think Pixel devices have anything like Link Sharing, which I think is a Samsung exclusive feature. This allows you to share full res photos and videos via web link (particularly to an iPhone where otherwise they would just get a blurry, useless photo or video). Is there an alternative if you switch to Pixel? That’s a big feature to have to go without, so that’s taking some serious consideration. The rest of my family is on iOS, so having a way to somehow share full res media is kind of critical.

Thank you!

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