Pixel 4a – Incoming phone calls on top?

Dear all, getting used to my new Pixel 4a still. I have to admit, compared to my old (but cracked screen) Honor 10 View, its a major downgrade. I should have seen that coming.

But most pressing to me is that when somebody calls me on my phone, I hear the ring but to answer it I have to frantically look in my notifications pull down for the answer phone option. All other cell phones I’ve had have known to bring a phone call right to the top to make answering easy. Not so with my Pixel 4. Anybody know a setting to make this happen in settings? I currently miss well over half my calls even with phone in hand, because I have to go looking for the phone call.

Same issue with alarms. I had my morning alarm go off while driving once and it required a two-handed search through the lengthy notifications panel to find it and turn it off. I’m surprised I survived the ordeal without an accident. Both of these on all prior cell phones came to the top, and even stayed at the top until dealt with.

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