Pixel 4a – very quiet notifications

Google Pixel 4a & Pixel 4a 5G
If I have my ring volume set at a decent (fairly loud) level, my notification sounds are so quiet I can barely hear them. If I hit the volume button on the side of the phone and choose the "equalizer" icon, there isn’t a separate volume slider for notifications vs. ringtones.

If I am in the notification sound picker I can adjust the notification volume (icon looks like a bell) but that also changes the ring volume (whose icon also looks like a bell when in the ringtone sound picker).

MacroDroid claims to let me adjust each of those separately, but they don’t seem to work independently. I suspect MacroDroid is using two different APIs, one for ring volume and one for notification volume) but Android 10 is configured so that either API controls the same overall (ring & notification) volume. That’s just a guess.

I thought maybe I could find something suitable in the built-in notifications (something short but loud), but all of the built-in notification sounds are lame. I miss "Billiards" from the LG V35 – perhaps if I could find a copy I could crank up the volume using Audacity or something.

Anyone have any suggested workaround for this?



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