Pixel 4XL Uploading Photos to More than One Google Account

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I must have hit an option I should not have. I took a bunch of photos recently. I have periodic wifi and am getting notice that my phone is constantly uploading photos to a work related Google account for which I do not have Google Photo access. The photos are showing up correctly in my primary google photos account as well. This is taking up a lot of network bandwidth and consuming my battery. Since I do not have rights to my work related Google Photos account, I can not see what what is happening there. Checking my settings, seems to show that I am backing up to the proper account.

The way this appears is that if I pull the menu down from the top there is a report showing "Photos [email protected] . com and Uploading 2 items Using Wi-Fi"

I am not sure how to turn this off for my work account. Any suggestions?


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