Pixel 5 not compatible with Spectrum Mobile?

I’ve been using my new Pixel 5 for two months on Google FI (esim) and am very happy with it. Today I decided to take my Spectrum Mobile Sim card out of my old Pixel 3 and put it in the P5. Both my phone numbers would then be in one phone. This, of course, did not work as I found out, because the P5 is 5G and would then need a different Sim card provisioned with my Spectrum phone number. When trying to obtain this new 5G Sim card Spectrum informed me that my P5 (using the IMEI number) is not compatible with their network and therefore they were unable to issue me a Sim card. I argued that they sell the P5 so how can that be and they were adamant that THEIR phones would work and by the way, I could trade in my P5 on a new P5 from them. Of course my P5 is already new and their trade in offer was 1/3 of the cost of a new P5. This for me was then a non-starter.

I do not understand how my Pixel 5 could be considered "incompatible" with the Spectrum Mobile network when they sell the phones for their network. Can anyone help me with this problem?

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