Pixel 5 vs Xperia 1 ii

Google Pixel 5
I have an Xperia 1ii which I do really like, I’ve always enjoyed Sony phones and I really like the look and feel of it. The long display is great for me, the storage (plus option of an SD card) is good and the battery is OK.

I am by no means an expert photographer but the camera on a phone is one of the main draws for me on a phone. Whilst I have been able to capture some nice shots on my Xperia, I have found the point and shoot camera to be very hit and miss and definitely lacking either under artificial light or at night. It certainly feels like a stepdown from the camera on my old P20 Pro.

Given this, I am considering trading in my Xperia and switching to the Pixel 5, predominantly for the camera and also taking advantage of the Bose preorder offer. From what I can see, the main downgrades would be a stepdown in processor, smaller screen and reduction in storage size (with no SD option). The latter could be a slight barrier as I am currently using 122GB of storage on my Xperia (I like to keep a fair chunk of music offline) so this would basically max out the Pixel.

Would the downgrade from Snapdragon 865 to 765 be very noticeable if I mainly use my phone for browsing the internet, listening to music and social media? I don’t really use it to game or watch long videos.

It would be helpful to hear the views of any Xperia and/or Pixel owners or just any community experts who know a lot more than me!


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