Pixel 5a questions

I put the sim card from my at&t s10e into the unlocked pixel 5a. The pixel’s status bar showed 5Ge..the same bogus 5Ge that at&t forces onto the s10e. I guess it is actually lte. The phone settings showed lte, not 5g. This morning I decided to experiment a bit. I put that sim into my s21ultra. It showed 5Ge and settings showed lte. A minute later 5Ge disappeared from status bar. A few seconds later 5g appeared. Settings showed NR NSA (5g). I put the sim back into the pixel. Status bar now shows 5g and settings show NR NSA. So the pixel is now on 5g. Now the question I have is…how to switch it to lte. With the s21ultra I use the Samsung Band Selection app to switch from 5g to lte, but the pixel doesn’t recognize that app.

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