Pixel 6 and Google Messages Notification Question

I recently replaced my Pixel 2XL with a Pixel 5a. I use custom notification sounds for my most frequent contacts so when I get a text from them I get a unique notification sound to identify them without looking at my phone.

Then, once I’m in a conversation with someone the subsequent texts to me would activate the default text notification sound. This was perfect for me. But now with my 5a, I no longer get the default text notification sound when I’m inside a conversation with someone. I get no sound event at all. I really miss this feature.

I’ve contacted Google support and they said the feature of getting notifications while inside a text conversation is not available to Pixel 5a. They told me it might be activated in a future software update.

My questions are about how Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro handles notifications when inside a text message using Google Messages.

If you are in a text message conversation with someone do you receive text notifications when they subsequently text you?

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