Pixel 6 Pro 2nd Replacement

In another thread (now closed) I wrote about keyboard issues on my original Pixel 6 Pro and the adventure of getting it replaced. After receiving the replacement I thought the issue was resolved and had the thread closed.
It turns out that it was premature. I just hadn’t typed enough to experience the keyboard issue. Turns out the replacement has the same issue. Curious. Chatting with Google tech support they issued a repair authorization. I talked with Ubreakifix and they think it is a bad digitizer on the Pixel 6 Pro screens and not repairable, and with the closet shop over 90 miles away I didn’t really want to take that route if I didn’t have to. Reporting back to Google they quickly agreed to a replacement under warranty.
So in about ten days I’ll be getting a second replacement.

Update: Now another weirdness, in typing this post I haven’t had a single typing issue. I now suspect the cause is the haptic feedback. Right now it’s off and I always had it almost full on. Maybe I need to rethink this exchange. Hmm [emoji848].

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