Pixel 6 pro keeps hanging up on phone calls

So my only real gripe about my new Pixel 6 pro is the actual phone app. The phone does not seem to recognize when I put it up to my face to talk on a phone call and I end up hanging up on people all the time.

I came to this phone from a Galaxy S9. On that phone if I was on the phone and I wanted to turn off my screen I could press the power button (I could also turn the screen on from a phone call with the power button). If I press the power button on the Pixel 6 pro while on a phone call it hangs up my call. The Galaxy S9 also recognized that I as holding the phone up to my face so it automatically turned the screen off.

On the Pixel 6 pro I am left waiting until my screen times out before I can bring the phone up to my face to talk. Very annoying.

Is there some setting I am missing to allow the phone to recognize that I am talking on the phone and have the screen turn off so my cheek does not hang up on my calls.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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