Pixel 6 vs Pixel 6 Pro: ‘Known’ Differences (pre-launch)

Trying to run down the (assumed) differences between 6 and 6 pro beyond the normal hardware and performance differences we always saw between normal and XL versions in past (battery size, screen size, screen resolution) and obvious differences in physical size, weight, color, and pricing, based on leaks to date.

  • 6 Pro includes curved display vs 6’s flat
  • 6 Pro specifies variable display refresh down to 10Hz; 6 supports variable rate, but undisclosed range
  • 6 Pro offers 120Hz refresh vs 90Hz on 6
  • 6 Pro adds UWB
  • 6 Pro offers 12MP front camera vs 8MP on 6
  • 6 Pro offers wide, 94° FOV on front camera
  • 6 Pro adds 48MP, 4x zoom (20x with ‘Superres’) Telephoto lens
  • 6 Pro offers 12GB RAM, vs 8GB on 6
  • 6 Pro supports 23W wireless charging, vs 21W on 6, with new Pixel Stand
  • 6 Pro adds additional storage tier option at 512GB

Please let me know if any of the above are confirmed wrong or if I’m missing others.

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