Pixel Launcher Keeps Stopping

I try to drag an icon into a folder. The Pixel Launcher appears to reset/reboot. When I immediate try to drag the same icon into the folder, I get the error ‘Pixel Launcher Keeps Stopping’. From what little info there is in Googleland, the only fix I’ve read about is to go into the Pixel Launcher app settings and clear data/cache which will star my home settings and my elaborate alphabetical folders I’ve set up. I’ve tried switching from Nova (I’ve never used) to Pixel, but it still gives the error.

As a side note. The Pixel 2XL has been my favorite phone, but battery life has degraded tremendously. I read so many issues with the 4a/5 that I will not be staying with Pixel. I am looking to purchase my Co-workers Samsung Note 10.

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