Pixel phone software updates questions. (Considering my first Pixel, the 6 Pro.)

I was going to ask this over in the Puxel 6/6 Pro thread but didn’t want to clutter it up

This might sound like a ridiculous question but I’ve never had a Pixel phone (have only had Samsung Notes since the Note 2, now a Note 8 for over 4 years) so not sure how updates go with Pixels. I’m on Verizon if that matters.

When the update to Android 9 came out for my N8, I just kept tapping on install later and picked a time as far into the future as I could, for many weeks because I didn’t see any need for the upgrade because I liked Android 8 so much. The "extras" that 9 provided weren’t something I needed or wanted and a few things were going to be dropped that I still wanted, like the ability to record phone calls. After about 7 or 8 weeks of delaying the update (even deleting the cache partition a few times because the update downloaded but didn’t install because of the way I had it set in developer options), the nag just stopped and I’m still running Android 8 and my phone is as fast and great as ever. Of course I could hook up my phone to my PC and get the update today but I don’t want it. Part of this stems from seeing all the issues of new software on older devices and how the older devices start slowing down, either because the hardware can’t handle the update or because the phone maker, cellular provider or whomever, decides to make old phones slow just so I have to buy a new one.

My question is: can I delay updates on a Pixel phone until I see how things shake out? Or am I stick getting whatever updates Google thinks I need no matter what? Not being an early adopter, I like to wait a few weeks after updates are released and make sure there aren’t phones being bricked by the update or whatever else issues might occur.

If I can’t at least delay updates on the Pixel 6 Pro for a few weeks, that might be a deal breaker for me. I just don’t know how the Pixel ecosystem is about these things.

One of the main reasons for posting this thread is what I saw on the Pixel 3XL debacle where a BUNCH (hundreds? thousands?) of phones were all bricked overnight with an update pushed out. I’ve never had a bricked phone and don’t want to experience that if possible.

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