Pixel Stand 2 “Realign phone for faster charging”

Anyone with the Pixel Stand 2 getting this message constantly? I put the phone on the charger, get the red text saying to realign phone, I take it off and put it on again dead centre, same message. Sometimes when I put it on the charger it doesn’t show it’s charging at all and thinks its off the charge.

I’ve tried the following:

– Taking off the case
– Restarting the phone
– Removing the charger from blutooth and then syncing it again
– Pulling the plug on the charger and putting it in again

Nothing seems to work. I can’t stop this message showing up. I already have extremely slow charging because I’m on the November update (and you need the December update for fast wireless charging for some reason) and now I’m constantly trying to reposition the phone on the charger for the message to go away but it won’t.

It’s becoming so inconvenient that I’m currently just using the USB C charger. For a device this expensive ($79 USD!!), it has become so, so frustrating to use.

Did anyone have this issue and manage to fix/resolve it?

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