Pixelbook Go – Partitioning SSD

I have been trying to find information about partitioning my SSD. I have beta channel on and to remove it, I would have to Powerwash my computer.

I was hoping that I could partition my drive so that the media could move into another drive allowing me to reset one drive. I do it very easily on Windows but I can’t find the setting in the "Settings" menu.

I searched online and Tom’s Guide makes it so easy to do but I don’t have an Admin Menu nor a YAST when I click my Settings icon. The guide is from 2014 so did Google remove the functionality?

This would be a bummer since I finally found a way where Word would save changes to documents. I like the laptop quality but it is these minor annoyances which I had wished that someone with deep pockets like Google would have fixed in beta testing. I would have expected it from Linux since it is like a ******* child of the open market but not from Chrome OS.

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