Play stops when using headphone adapter on Pixel 3

I have had the Pixel 3 for just a few days now and have been having an annoying problem with the headphone adapter. (the one that came with the phone, brand new, in the box) When using the adapter, it will stop playing whenever I am listening to internmently. It Does it when playing podcasts with Google Podcasts, with Audiobooks using Audible, and when playing music. The app is still running and I can just tap play again and it starts, but then stops again, sometimes after just a few seconds, sometimes after a few minutes. Other times, when it begins playing again, it will play out of the phone’s speakers.

I watched a YouTube video where the guy said I should reboot the phone with the adapter in place and it did work for a little while, but then it started it again. It doesn’t do it when using google headphones. Any anyone else had this issue?

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