Play Store (and Uber Eats) constantly causing phone crashes

I’ve scoured the web over months off and on, and am almost at the point I’m just going to buy a new phone, but unsure what the core issue is…

I have two major hassles with my phone, currently. One is, when I connect in the mornings (I put it in Airplane Mode overnight to save battery), it almost instantly freezes up after connecting. I know it’s using the signal to search for updates, and certain processes are probably restarting, but the fact it noticeably causes my phone to be nearly inoperable for up to a minute or two after connecting gives me pause – this didn’t use to happen, at least not nearly as dramatically. Any touch functionality lags or doesn’t work properly, animations are horrible (sliding screens), and apps won’t open, or take forever to load.

Then comes the inevitable Play Store notification for updates. A lot of times clicking on this loads the Play Store, but it searches for updates FOREVER unless stopped. I will often end task, clear cache, and start again, but this can happen as many as three times before it actually recognizes available updates and let’s me update apps. Then I will start to run updates, and basically anything else on the phone becomes unusable until updates have been installed. Often, the app will freeze or crash somewhere in this process (could be anywhere).

On a side note, I’ve noticed Uber Eats often crashes, freezes, or has trouble connecting (even when any other app using wifi works just fine).

All of this is done over wifi, in general, I am not trying to use my regular phone signal. Wifi signal is not the issue.

It’s an older phone (Moto G5 Plus) I’ve had for years, so if it’s time to buy a new one, so be it, but this phone has held up so well, and I don’t replace electronics unless it’s really necessary. I haven’t budgeted for a new phone, so hoping there is a fix for this that doesn’t involve a garbage bin.

Thank you!

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