Please Help! Auto-correct (predictive text?) has disappeared.

For many years when I would dictate a text message (either using a text messaging app, or Facebook Messenger), I could easily go back, tap on the message and modify/correct things thanks to the suggestions the phone offered when doing so.

Now, when I tap on my messages in order to edit them, nothing happens, no suggestions appear and all I see is the blinking cursor where I tapped.

Please see the attached screenshots from before and after this problem occurred.

I have done exhaustive searches online trying to find the solution. All my searches lead me to threads talking about predictive text, which I definitely have turned on. So I don’t think ‘predictive text’ is my issue.

Any ideas? This is driving me crazy, thanks very much!!!

Footnote: The ‘Before’ picture was taken using my wife’s Galaxy S10E which still works correctly. I typed a crazy sentence to ensure the auto-correct-suggestions would work. I’m not a nutcase! 🙂

Attached Images

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