Please help me decide on a pair of TWS wireless Bluetooth earbuds

I’m planning to upgrade to the S21 Ultra with the S-Pen in the next month, but before I do I’m trying to budget for the accessories I’ll need. This S10+ is (sadly) my last phone with a headphone jack, so I’ll finally need to keep up with the times and get some wireless earbuds. Ideally, I’d like to spend no more than $40-50.

AptX support would be ideal of course, but not necessarily a must (I guess), unless it makes a marked difference in overall sound and especially call quality. Long battery life is a must (7+ hours on a single charge, 35+ hours from the case), as well. Lastly, I’d prefer an ear hook design in terms of the buds itself. I really hate having to push buds with regular stems too deep into my ears, as my ears really hurt after a while.

So far, I’ve my narrowed my choices down to:

Occiam K23 –…cUvbUpU6938064

Occiam T17 –…cUvbUpU6938064

Tranya M10 –…cUvbUpU6938064

TaoTronics Soundliberty 97 –…cUvbUpU6938064

MPow Flame Solo –…cUvbUpU6938064

Vankyo S600 –…cUvbUpU6938064

Haylou T17 –…cUvbUpU6938064

Tiksounds Q25 –…cUvbUpU6938064

Power Q20 Pro –…cUvbUpU6938064

Veatool T16 –…cUvbUpU6938064

Power HBQ Pro –…cUvbUpU6938064

SoundPEATS TrueWings –…cUvbUpU6938064

Tribit –…cUvbUpU6938064

MPow M30 or M30 Pro (I can’t seem to find the latter being sold anywhere?)

The problem I have in choosing is that I don’t trust that reviews on Amazon or elsewhere aren’t fake or paid for, so I’d like honest opinions from actual people here. Does anyone have experience with one or more of the ones listed here that can share some feedback? Any other suggestions I should check out? Feedback is greatly appreciated. Apologies for the long post. Thanks!

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