Please help me to choose a 4G data provider

I live in the USA (California) and I’ve purchased an Android mobile device that needs data only. I’d prefer a pre-paid SIM & data plan.

The cellular supported frequencies listed by the device manufacturer are as follows:

GSM: B3(1800)/B8(900)

WCDMA : B1(2100)/B8(900)

LTE FDD :B1(2100)/B3(1800)

LTE TDD: B38(2600)/B40(2300)/B41(2600)

I don’t know the difference between LTE FDD vs TDD and when looking online, I see conflicting info saying for example that 2100 is Band 4 and Band 1 depending on the resource. Or that 2600 is Band 7 and Band 38. It’s so confusing.

Can you guys help an old guy who is not an RF engineer out? What carrier should I go with for the fastest supported LTE coverage?

FYI: I tried the AT&T SIM from my cell phone and after more than 30 mins and 3 reboots no network was found, so that seems to rule out AT&T.


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