Possible to have ALL audio go to my BT car, like phone does?

Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+
I have a new Mazda MX5 and I’ve paired its BT to my S10. The phone calls come in and are handled nicely by the car audio system. Unfortunately, all navigation, assistant, and other sounds from the phone are mute unless I specifically select the BT input for audio. I would like to use my car’s audio sources, not my phone’s, for music but I really want nav and assistant to be audible in the same way as my phone calls: override the car audio. I end up not connecting BT just for phone and not for audio so that I can hear other sounds it makes. I even have Android Auto on the car but I hate it. Have to always remember to take time to plug in the USB-C connector and then enable it on the phone and car. PITA!

I understand that there are different BT profiles that are used to communicate phone vs other audio to the car. But is there any way I can switch my nav and assistant to use the phone profile to connect with so that ALL my phone audio is played by the car?


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