Pour one out, my 3 XL died :(

Sadly, my Pixel 3 XL decided to take a permanent vacation.:'( I was on a short trip to Monterey, and the phone was working fine the first day — but the following morning, it was dead as a doornail. Tried all the usual things — different charging cable and plug, wireless charging, pressing all combinations of Power, Vol Up, and/or Vol Down for upwards of a minute each time. Nada. I know there have been issues reported with the camera malfunctioning, but I don’t recall any news stories about sudden hardware failures being common with the phone. I had Google Preferred Care, but of course that expired in March (so the phone was 2 years 4 months old).

Fortunately, I have a backup Galaxy A32 5G (always have a backup phone if possible!), but it was at home, so I drove 1.5 hours back to get it. It works fine, but this was a perfect (if undesired) way to starkly compare the camera quality of both phones, since I had already taken a full day of photos with the Pixel before it died. The A32’s camera is so much worse at low light, contrast, motion, and zoom. Wide angle is probably the best thing about it.

Of course, I’ve been waiting for the upcoming Pixel 6, so my original plan was to use this A32 5G until the 6 launches. But my experience with the camera was so frustrating that I quickly searched the web and ordered a refurb Pixel 3a XL from Daily Steals for $88.:p That will probably take a week or so to get to me, which is not soon enough!

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