Powering on watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch
So I’ve always noticed powering on my old Galaxy watch was finicky at best. The watch 3 is too, but it has gotten worse. So to power it on, hold the lower button right? But often when I do that I have to try it several times. Now on my watch 3 for the past several days it takes up to 8 tries to power it on and when it does it says "rebooting…" In blue underneath the usual "Galaxy watch3" logo. This happens daily now after powering down properly the night before(or at least I think so) by holding both buttons till the power off prompt appears and tapping that.
Anyone know what’s going on? My wife’s watch active is similar. What is the trick to turning these damn things on? I had the og watch since release and it was always iffy to turn on, now the watch3 is weirdly worse.


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