[PREMIUM GAME] TED squirrel adventure PREMIUM

Android Games
Hi Gamrs
This is Android Premium game fro Rgams

TED squirrels Adventure
a 2.5D Platformer Adventure game of Ted from Rgames , TED searching for magic crystals.., the source life of squirrels kingdom

DOWNLOAD : [URL="http://https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Rgames.TEDadventure"]

• Consists of 31 levels to explore
• Fight giant boss
• Cool cinematic and action
• Many variations of enemies
• Items or Secret to find and collect
• Unlock All Achievements

Classic 2.5D Platformer Adventure Low poly style from Rgames, Bringing you nostalgic look to the Golden age era of world console games 3D Graphic, to mobile

Download :


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