Privacy on Pixel 5

Hi guys and gals,
I am on the point of buying a new mobile, my old Xperia x compact is now 4 years old and showing signs that its ready for retirement.
For several reasons, the Pixel 5 is pretty much the only device atm I see fitting for my needs. But the phone being a google device also causes a certain uneasy feeling as for the safety of my data and my privacy. Of course its an Android device and I am aware of what that means in terms of privacy. But the question is: Does the fact that Pixel phones are google’s own devices give them any "advantage" at obtaining my information? Or in other words: Is my privacy any less safe/private on a Pixel phone than it would be on any other Android device?
And if so, what other phone(s) could you guys recommend as alternative? I fail to find anything else that is really worth considering, as I got a few hard requirements:
– max price: 600€
– max size: 6" (thats a very hard limit, I already consider 6" as kinda too big)
– a great camera
– good battery
– absolutely no devices from Huawei or Xiaomi

Looking forward to any hints and tips! Thanks in advance 🙂

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