Problem printing PDF files from Samsung tablet.

Hi everyone,

I have lived with a problem on my wife’s TAB A tablet and patience is wearing thin. For a long time there has been a problem printing PDF files and at times I have managed to restore this function, only for it to recur.

I have spent a long time trying to restore it again this morning without success.

There is no problem printing Word documents and emails, the Canon printer is always recognised. The problem arises when a pdf email attachment is opened. (I have previously had huge problems even opening pdf files but that is in the past now.) Opening a pdf now, I am not sure which app is actually opening the preview screen. The screen has a blue band at the top headed Preview with a left arrow in the top left corner, and the S ettings gear wheel and a printer icon at top right corner. This printer icon has a red/white cross. Clicking here brings up a new window with blue band at the top and left arrow and ‘Select device’ at left top corner, and the
Printer icon with a + sign and refresh icon at top right corner. Below the blue band are 2 lines offering Favorite and Devices.

Clicking on the the refresh icon, and Favorite and Devices does nothing and licking the printer icon brings a drop down menu offering ‘Add device menu..’, ‘SNMP settings’, ‘WiFi Set-up’ and ‘Google Coud Prin..’.

Clicking on ‘WiFi Set up’ eventually displays a message ‘No supported network device could be found’ which makes no sense to me since other apps seem to find the Canon printer without a problem. I don’t know how to find the ‘Port no’ to add the printer manually, and am at a loss now. Nor do I know anything about SNMP settings.

If anyone can identify the app and can suggest a way forward I will be most grateful.

Thanks in advance,

Roger B

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