Problem with virtual machines like Vmos after Android 12 update

Hello forum!
I got a problem with some virtual machines app like Vmos and F1 VM after updating to Android 12.
Before the update Vmos worked perfectly, now they run only for a few seconds up to 2-3 minutes then completely freeze and I have to close or force close them. At first I tought it was an issue of Vmos, not being fully compatible with Android 12 (I have tried all the latest Vmos builds, and several roms with the same result), then I tried with F1 VM app and it has the same behaviour, so I’m starting to think that it is an issue related to my machine.
I tried to remove both firewall and antivirus, but nothing has changed.

My phone is a Samsung S21 Ultra 512 Gb, no root, with Exynos cpu (could the cpu be the culprit?)

Any ideas/suggestions?

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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