Prodigy email address needs to be on Samsung e-mail account

I had my Prodigy account in Samsung email account that comes with the phone, because of the password issues ATT had me delete the account. I asked numerous times if I will be able to get it back, Yes to my answer. They were not able to put it back so I am now on "Yahoo" and I hate their e-mail set up. Only once was I able to start setting it up (IMAP) and I was told need to check account settings of which they were right based on snapshot and another prodigy account plus info on the net. Now when I try again I get taken back to Yahoo sign in. I am not interested in bouncing around to look at e-mails. The guy at Samsung desk in Best Buy was worthless but that is another story. I guess I could try the geek squad.
I do have a Samsung S6 and OS is Android 7.0 Nougat

Any help would be grateful, suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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