Pros and Cons, unlocked vs branded S20 FE?

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I’ve been using Windows phones since the early teens, most recently L950-XL. Have always gone with unlocked.

I pre-ordered an unlocked Samsung S20 FE 5G and then my sister asked to be added to my T-Mobile veteran plan. I found out T-Mobile will include an S20 FE 5G with a new line, and consider it paid for after 24 months. Adding a 7th line for her adds $20/mo to the bill so am considering paying half of her contribution for the first 2 years and taking the T-Mobile S20. She keeps her iPhone. So basically $240 vs $599 cost to me for the phone.

I won’t be leaving T-Mobile and trust my sister but am concerned about any not so obvious gotchas.

For example: am I at the mercy of T-mobile for when I get updates compared to the factory unlocked version?

Is the hardware identical? I know in the past, the branded L-1920s (for example) did have different specs (memory, bands, wireless charging, etc.) than the factory unlocked version.

Can I flash the generic factory software (I know that won’t unlock the phone).

If there is a problem, is it better to have Samsung warranty instead of having to go thru the carrier?

When selling it down the road, does a branded version of this phone have any poison pills that make it less desirable on other carriers? I know I can unlock it from T-Mobile.

Anything else to consider?


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