Question about water resistance

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra
Can soap ruin the oleophobic coating and water seal of this phone right away, or does that happen only from repeatedly washing it with soap?

I tried applying the AmFilm tempered glass screen protector twice but both installations failed due to an issue with the application tray. Even worse, the adhesive got into the speaker grill despite placing the sticker on perfectly. Because of this and the adhesive being runny in general, I gave my phone a good scrub with dish soap and running water both times. I only thought to do this because I watched a video that said I could do this to get the adhesive out. Only after did I learn this is a very bad thing to do. But is the damage already done? Is my phone much less water resistant now? Or is it more likely that I’m fine as long as I don’t do it anymore? Thanks!


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