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Samsung Galaxy S20 & S20+ & S20 Ultra

I started using my new S10 a few days ago, having come from a S9 (and several generations of the S series before it)

What I really loved about the S9 was that I could use my fingerprint to open the phone from the lockscreen. It was very easy to locate and very quick.

I’m struggling to do the same with the S10.

I currently have:

A PIN set up
Face recognition registered
Fingerprints registered

I also have smart lock on for when I’m at home.

Despite all this, I struggle to open up my homescreen and access it quickly.

I have four fingerprints added and, if I manage to locate the invisible (!) sensor it won’t always open it up. Sometimes, it HAS worked but there’s a slight delay that occurs, where I’m not sure if it’s registered or not.

I want to keep my phone as secure as possible. What settings do you guys use for quick, easy, secure access?

(btw – I’ve also added fingerprints from multiple angles, but that hasn’t helped)

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