Ramifications of Migrating Email Address Associated with Google Account

I have a strange and somewhat complicated question. Many years ago, I created a Google Apps (now Workspace) account and used my custom domain name for my personal email address. My MX records for that address point to the Google mail servers. I have used that custom email address not only for my mail, but as the primary address on my Android devices, for Play Store purchases, Google Photos, etc.

I would like to move my custom email address away from Google Workspace to a new provider and, at the same time, close my Workspace account. Obviously, the email address will stay the same after this change — it will simply no longer be associated with Google’s mail servers.

The question is what happens to if I attempt to sign in on my Android device with that address? Will there still be an account? Will my Play Store purchases still be available?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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