Random photos popping up on my phone

Hello, I downloading new photos onto my laptop, and saw 5 photos on the list of new photos that I did not take. I’ll list 3. One was a man that I do not know who had a surgical mask pulled down under his chin, the next was a woman I did not know, and the next was a bit disturbing, it was a person with a full white mask covering their face, and the photo was turned sideways. The person looked odd. After i selected the new photos to down load in my laptop (These were not downloaded) I disconnected my phone from my laptop, and looked for the photos in gallery, and could not find them. I could not find them anywhere in my phone. Does anyone know what could have caused this. Also my carrier was one of which suffered a massive data breach, could this be it? What can I do to find, and delete the photos, or what ever it is. TIA.

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