ras47 Checking In

Hi, I’m Bob and I’m a Gemini vegetarian… No-wait-I was channeling Elle Woods for a second there… 😀

Loooong time BlackBerry user and iPhone user here. My last Android phone was the Evo 4G on Sprint. As a lifelong Mac user the iPhone was simply the path of least resistance. Once the wife and kids went iPhone I decided to give it a try. The integration with my Macs nailed it down for me. I never felt roped into the Apple ecosystem and have been happy with iOS ever since the 4s model.

My parents (in their 80s) just got their first smartphones when their old flip phones went End of Life. I told them to get iPhones as I could solve any problems they ran across, but alas, my father bought Pixels. I don’t know why, but he seems to have a fear of Apple products. Knowing darn well I’d be their first call when issues arose with their mobiles just like with all their computer/network issues, I figured I should familiarize myself with Android in its current form. Like I said, its been a minute or two since I had any Android experience. I picked up a cheap but clean used Pixel 3a XL I planned to use from time to time, always intending to go back to my iPhone after a day or two. Turns out I love Android.

It’s gotten so much easier to get the MacOS and Android to co-exist compared to way back in the day. There has been a lot of convergence, making the entire proposition far more simple. And I like simple. I’ll still go back and forth between an iPhone 11 Pro Max and a Pixel 5 (new purchase) but far less often than I ever planned.

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