Recommendation needed before purchasing a phone

Samsung Galaxy S20 & S20+ & S20 Ultra

I want to purchase a new smartphone that suits my needs and my budget. My budget is $700 max and I need a phone that would be a great camera with an OK phone, more than a great phone with an OK camera.

I have been searching and browsing the web for several days, reading reviews and watching video reviews and comparisons. There are several phones that seem to fit my needs. Among these phones are several Samsung phones:

Samsung Galaxy S20,
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus.
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, if I lower my budget

Which among these three would be the better choice for my need?

The thing that worries me a bit, is that in my region I can only get the Global version with the Exynos 990 processor and not with the Snapdragon 865. From all what I have read, for some reasons, the Exynos 990 has got a poor reputation. What is your take on this?

For this budget and my needs, would the OnePlus 8 be a better choice than the Samsung with the Exynos 990?

Thank you very much


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