Recording phone calls on android 11

To record a phone call and keep it for myself or my lawyer, is legal in my country.

Hi guys, how is it going?

May i ask for your help, please?

I had android 6(on huawei phone) and i used to record with the app "cube acr", everything worked fine.

Now i own a phone with android 11, i downloaded cube acr but i cannot record, i hear very very low volume.
If i change the recording source i cannot hear anything, it is completely silent.

If i use the "default" phone dialer app, which is "google phone", i can record and the recording is very good in terms of audio.

But i dont like it because is not automatic plus i hear "recording started". Also i read that the other person might know that im recording them.

I want cube acr app to work or a similar app, i dont like google recording.

Can anyone help me or suggest me a way to fix the problem so i can record with a third-party app?

Do you think there is a problem somewhere? Maybe a conflict of some sort?

Thanks happy new year.

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