Recover data from android phone with broken (crazy) touchscreen

The other day I stepped on my Xiaomi redmi note 7, which already had a broken screen glass from a previous incident (it was run over by a car a couple months ago! :D) and broke the screen.

When I say that the screen is "broken" I mean that: there is a pitch black vertical band which takes roughly 1/5 of the whole screen; there are spots of random colors all aver the place, odd whitey halos, lots of tiny lines. Under all that, on 4/5 of the screen surface everything can still be seen sufficiently well.
This happened while the phone was ON, and LOCKED. It did not (seem to) respond to touchscreen input, so I assumed touchscreen was fried and proceeded to buy an OTG [type c–> usb] adapter in order to be able to use my usb mouse and navigate with that.
As soon as I unlocked the screen via mouse, I realized that the touchscreen was not just broken – instead, it has gone completely crazy: the phone behaves as it someone is constantly spamming touches all over the lower third of the screen. This makes it impossible for me (or at least, extreeeemely difficult and luck-based) to navigate the phone and proceed to launch the desired backups (whatsapp, photos) before tossing it all in the special waste container. I also thought to simply unlockit via mouse, THEN link it to my notebook via cable, THEN manually backup stuff by accessing folders from my PC, BUT it turns out that the condition "screen unlocked" is not sufficient to allow me to access mi folders: I also have to press "data transfer" on the choice prompted by my phone as soon as it realizes it’s linked to a pc. I cannot select such option since by now the mouse is no longer linked (I swapped it with the pc cable) and it’s impossible to press it correctly via finger. So I’m stuck here,

Is there any way to access my files via pc without selecting the correct option on the phone (so, just by unlocking the screen)?

Is there some clever trick that I’m missing to be able to save something out of it?

Thank you in advance!

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