Reminders on Outer Screen

So, completely by accident, I found, today, that tasks (using Outlook) synced to the Samsung Reminders app, appear on the outside screen, even though this is not one of the "listed widgets." This would be a great find, except that in order to move forward with the phone closed, I either need to dismiss the task reminder or mark it complete. Either one then dismisses the notification shade pop up/notification when the screen is opened. It would be a very nice feature to not only be able to see my calendar for the day (which I can) but task reminders also, without having to eliminate the task notification. Since the Samsung calender does not support tasks, which can only show in the unintergrated separate Reminders app, this ends up being more a negative issue than anything else. I wish we could choose which calendar app we could display on the permitted widget, rather than being forced to only see the Samsung calendar, a poor app to begin with.

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