Replaced rear camera, now won’t connect

I just replaced my rear camera in an S9+. Upon booting everything was fine except I get no tower. I’m connect to my wife’s Hotspot to post this. So WiFi is fine..

]SIM status says Network – No Connection, Mobile Network State – Disconnected. Service State – Radio Off.

I’ve had it back apart 3 times to confirm connections. All I can add is I heard a light crack when pressing the new camera adhesive against the board. I used a magnifying glass. No cracks it looks fine. Just throwing it out there incase this is a common issue.

Any advice would be great. I’m an E/E. But can’t find a thing posted about where the radio is on the board.

I’m ready to drop 75$ on a motherboard. Thought I’d get advice before going that way.

Thanks in advance

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