Review after a few days in.

After a couple of days with this phone, I can say that I’ve FLIPPED for it.

In no particular order:
-the side fingerprint scanner is brilliant because you can use it in almost any way that the phone is lying or positioned. I do think it’s partial to right-handed people thou as it’s on the right side.
-I leave my Flip open many times like a regular phone and only close it to pocket it and leave. Or when I’m at work and need to focus on work, I fold it and put it in my pocket. I used to put my Note in my desk drawer to forget about it and focus. But then, you open the drawer for a file you need and Boom..I wonder if I have any news alerts or texts from Ronnie.
-I’m in love with the yellow dot on the front screen. It lets me know when there is a notification to scroll over to see. Take it out of my pocket (if I remember now that I even have a cell phone since I don’t have the weight of a ferret bobbing around in my pocket as a reminder) and if there’s a dot, scroll over to the left on the screen and read. No need to open. If it’s Rob again about his shoes, it just goes back in my pocket because that can wait.
Some have seen it in my hands and after they’ve caught their breath they say that the front display is the same as most fancy-schmancy watches now. I’ve no idea there. My watch is content being dumb. But if there’s a text from my wife that the yellow dot yelled about, I better open that.
-I turned the refresh rate back to normal. It’s fine and it saves battery. I think we are so accustomed to looking for the fastest and most furious that we’re spending more time now grading and comparing and reviewing the phone itself nowadays that we aren’t actually READING what we’re scrolling thru.
-I did turn the battery-saver thing on and it charges up to 85 percent. It most def needs a top-off during the day but charges quickly for me.
-It’s not a ‘fast charging’ phone but I plugged it into my USBC cable and it went from 15 to 30 percent in around 15 minutes. That’s fine for me. Nasa hasn’t asked if I’d hurry up and charge my Zflip 3 to remote launch of the next Space X module.
-People comment on the crease some. But honestly, it just doesn’t bother me. Especially when I see them scrolling news on their oblong black dinners plate then struggle juggling it with all their other accouterments for their day. I just fold my creasy phone in half and drop in my pants pocket and whistle and walk away. Their phones look so ginormous now. Bless their hearts.
-Pictures…I’m not concerned. It’s 12 megapixels and it’s nowhere as good as my Note 10+ for close shots. But… It’s fine. Nobody is yet to pay me to shoot Willie Nelson in a night concert with my cell phone.
This phone is fun. This phone is NOT perfect. By any means. This phone is NOT for gamers. This phone is NOT for people who want to balance their checking account, have live video with Rob about his new green shoes and order sushi from Waitr all at the same time. That’s a Fold. It’s bigger, better, bolder. This isn’t that. That’s a tablet. I have a tablet already. This phone is not for people that plan to get a full charge and roam into the outback miles from a charger and do picture-research on tree frogs with red eyes. The battery will run down. It’s just smaller. Using it a lot/taking tons of pix and videos (256 is your max storage anyway)/GPS/superfast sexy scrolling/lights up..these things are gonna suck battery life and you’ll see the rare purple frog with green eyes but Flip has already died on you when you got out of the landrover.
-Some nopes: the right way to quickly take a selfie on the front screen and screenshot. Also, I know the screenshot method of holding down the volume down button and the fingerprint button but generally, you’re holding your phone in your left hand and using your right finger to scroll, type. So if you see a cool something to screenshot while you’re holding it, you have to swap hands, then do the magic finger combo trick with your right fingers. There’s also the palm swipe thing that works …sometimes. I’m hoping they have plans to integrate it into DEX. I really enjoy DEX as an option.
However, this phone finally brings consumers some options.
I like options.

This phone is for people that might want to sometimes forget they have a phone. Cut the leash. Put it away, out of sight and out of mind. But still be able to do what they need to do when they need to do it on a phone.
This phone is for people that dont want to always feel the need to escape into a different electronic eutopia but rather, ease back into the world we once knew and enjoyed.
I’ve found that I’m not as drawn to use my phone as much as it’s smaller presence in my line-of-sight if it’s not in my pocket (I actually forget that it’s there sometime, even when I sit down with it in my pocket). With my big note at me on my desk at work (cause it’s too big to sit down with it in my pocket) like a neglected puppy, I was like ‘oh, there’s my phone. I wonder if I have a new reply to my post on Android Central?’.
But I’m also the man that before Covid used to enjoy cruises because I loved the idea of being at sea without land/cell signal or other people around me for a few days. #peace.

So for those of you that are joining me in using this piece of flipping machinery to detach a little bit more from The Matrix, welcome back to the real world.

But the best part is as we’re remembering what people look and sound like when they laugh while our phones are flipped in half and tucked easily into our pockets, we can indeed look cool as hell when we do decide pull it out, flip it open and text Rob about his new green shoes.
And brag to him about our new Zflip 3.

*Disclaimer, I still have a month to try this phone out and I might find a need to return it. As I said it’s not perfect but so far, it’s mighty fun and impressive. I’m keeping my Note 10+ ( I also have my amazing Note 4, still) to use sometimes as a WIFI only device or I might pay the extra and get an additional line thru VZW if I need it.

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