s it possible to recover the Moto C Plus in these conditions?

Hello everyone
I installed a wrong rom by twrp on my moto c plus xt1726 and now it won’t turn on.
I don’t have access to android because it doesn’t come out of the blue screen, and I can’t connect it to the usb because it’s problematic.
When accessing recovery mode (volume + and power), I see the options:
Reboot system now
Apply update
factory reset

First thing I did was access "Factory Reset" and do the ‘wipe data’ and ‘wipe cache’
Then I went to "Apply update > Choose sdcard" and tried to reinstall the firmware a custom rom, but on both I get the message "E: failed to map file"

Is there anything I can do yet?
Any way to install TWRP and recover the phone in this case?

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