S10 Lite – Default Home Issue

Hi All, I am sure other posts exist regarding this but I wanted to give my input regarding this. Currently there is a ongoing issue where the default home app decides to default to ‘none’. For me this is happening every time I clear all the apps. Normally way to fix this is to clear all the cache and data from One Home UI. Sadly this fix only last for a few reboots.

I’ve seen post on Samsung’s official forums regarding this and on here. I’ve raised in the Samsung forums and got advice on what could be done. I refuse to factory reset my phone to fix this. I do not see this nuclear option as being the way to solve this issue. I use Nova Launcher Beta, I’ve do not believe that this causes the issue.

One of the ways to mitigate this issue was to install Good Lock and Task Changer. Samsung being Samsung decided to **** that up by rolling it into the Home Up. Didn’t need to do it but decided why the hell not. I am beginning to believe that Samsung do not want people to use Third Party Launchers. That they’re making moves to prevent people from doing this.

Barring sending my phone into them to repair, which will require a factory reset. I have no clue what else to do.

If anyone has advice on how we can raise this with Samsung or even get their attention to this issue. I would be grateful because for me this has begun to ruin a phone that I like.

Thank you for your time and listening to this rant.

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