S10 no longer connecting to AA or other external devices

Hello All –

I’ve been using Android Auto with my S10+ with no issues since it was new. It has always been connected via USB in my car. But as of a few days ago, it will no longer connect. When I plug it in now, I’ll get a notification saying ‘Android Auto is connecting…’ and then it will show ‘Can’t connect to car screen.’

I’ve also discovered that I can no longer plug the phone into my USB-C to HDMI adapter to mirror onto a TV. It’s not a Samsung adapter, but it’s worked perfectly until now. When I plug it in now, I see a notification saying ‘The connected USB device isn’t supported.’ Sometimes if I keep unplugging and reconnecting, the TV will connect, but only for a short time. Then it will give me the above message again.

The phone charges just fine, and my Windows computer will recognize it when connected. It just won’t seem to connect to any other kind of external device or screen.

The only software change to the phone just before this was a security patch that I downloaded a few days prior. But I haven’t been able to find any others having problems with it. I did have some moisture detected in the USB port a few days before this problem started happening as well – but the phone was never submerged in water and the message cleared within an hour.

Some things I’ve tried so far:

– Tried a different cable.
– Connected another phone with AA in my car and it connected just fine.
– Deleted all cars in AA, reinstalled.
– Disabled Chrome (due to reports of Chrome causing issues on some phones).
– Cleared USB Settings cache and data.
– Cleaned USB port with a soft toothbrush and compressed air

Could the port be damaged, even though it charges fine and connects to my computer?

Any suggestions for this frustrating problem are greatly appreciated!

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