S10+ paid off, S21/21+ next?

After my two years were up last month with the S10+ I was just going to rock along with it a while longer since it’s been a very good phone. But then I started looking at the S21/21+ today and price wise even the S21+ would come in lower than what I was paying for the S10+.

I think the S21 is plenty of phone for me since it’s screen is 6.2 vs 6.4 on the S10+. I can’t really see any advantage of going to the S21+ as I’m a very light phone user. I don’t stream videos or movies or live events on my phone. I don’t listen to music through the phone. I’ll take the occasional picture or record video every now and then so I want a good camera.

So basically I’m curious if any current S21 users came from a S10+ and how have you liked one versus the other? Or in general how do S21 users like or dislike their phone?

The one thing in particular I’m curious about is this wireless charging. Something about having to buy a brick to charge it with? Does that work with the phone in a case? Is there no port on the phone to run a USB cable out of? If so how does it plug into a car say for Android auto?

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