S20 FE proximity sensor

Samsung Galaxy S20 & S20+ & S20 Ultra
So I noticed with the new phone the screen turning on and off while on a phone call with the phone up against my ear. I tried all sorts of troubleshooting including verifying the sensor working properly and ultimately level two Samsung tech support explained things to me.

The proximity sensor on this phone apparently is virtual and utilizes AI within the software of the camera and as a result is now extremely sensitive to movement and light which explains why the screen is flashing on and off while up against my ear. Obviously I don’t keep an airtight seal while on the phone (that would obviously be very uncomfortable) so she told me after testing the sensor and verifying it’s actually working properly there’s not much to do with the new setup.

The only solution I discovered which may help others who don’t want to tolerate the screen flashing on and off is to push the power button when the screen flashes on to force it to stay off just remembering that you have to push the power button again when you remove the phone from your ear to turn the screen back on.

I hope this helps others as it has helped me.

Other than that I absolutely love this phone.


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