S20 Ultra Screen Blinks or Refreshes randomly

I have a S20 Ultra that is almost 1year old. About 2 weeks ago, the screen has started randomly flashing (or blinking) randomly. It is almost like the page screen refreshes. It happens in every app I have installed, and even on the home screen or settings screen.

For example, I will be watching a video (doesn’t matter what app) and the page will blink. When the page blinks, the video will pause or restart if I am not in full screen. If I am watching the video in full screen the video will either close out (netflix), or closeout of full screen mode and pause or restart the video (youtube).

Sometimes when I am in Facebook, the blink will cause my news feed to reset. If I am typing, the keyboard will close out and I will lose the text that I am typing. This has also happened to me while composing an email; where the phone, closed out my draft and went back to my inbox.

My phone has had two software updates since it has started happening, and the problem still persists. I have tried disabling my dark mode, turning off adaptive brightness, disabling or deleting various apps to try fixing the issue. Up to this point the phone has functioned flawlessly.

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