S20 won’t open specific pdf

My bowling league emails a report of the previous weeks results and standings. When I click on the link in my email, I get this screen:


When I click on the tab in the center for "View Standing Sheet", I get this screen after it downloads SheetFileDownloadServlet.pdf and I try to open it. I have tried several PDF viewers from the Play Store (Adobe, PDF Reader, PDF Reader Pro, Hancom Office, and none work:


I can open every other PDF on my phone with no issue. Also, it opens on both my Windows 10 computers with no issue, so I don’t think the file is actually corrupted. One of my teammates opened it on his iPhone with no problem and another on his S21 with no problem.

I have no idea how to make this work. I’ve searched here and a general Google search with nothing helpful found. Perhaps a setting on my phone? The stuff I found in a google search was directed to a Windows version of Chrome, nothing for Android.

Any ideas?


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