S20U Loud click and vibration when phone heats up

Samsung Galaxy S20 & S20+ & S20 Ultra
So i recently just started gaming more on my S20 Ultra after Genshin Impact got released. I’ve noticed on 2 occasions now where after playing the game for some time (both not for long periods, only about 5-10 minutes), the phone will suddenly give a loud click or knocking sound from the internals, along with a noticeable vibration, almost like something in the phone moved and knocked into something else. This is very noticeable because I am holding the phone gaming. The first time it happened I got really concerned because it almost felt like the camera bump cracking (due to there being reports about them cracking on their own). Now that it’s happened a second time it doesn’t seem like a one off thing. Does anyone know of any mechanism within the phone that is triggering this while heating up?


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