S21 and Alexa: Bluetooth Accessory problem

Hello, I am having an issue with my S21 when trying to make a phone call through Alexa. My s21 will make the call, but the call always defaults to the phones ear piece. This is problematic when driving as it does not play the call through the vehicles speakers. While driving commands go though an echo auto, with the echo auto everything works perfectly other than the calling issue. It is also problematic when calling from my office and taking commands through an Echo Show. At my office I wear a blue tooth headset and it will not play the call through that headset. Same issue if you give the phone the command directly when wearing a Bluetooth headset.

I suspect the issue exists because the phone does not use the Samsung calling app when directed to make a call through Alexa. It always calls through Alex’s phone app. I have tested this on my other Oneplus devices and the call is routed through the phones stock calling app and all Bluetooth accessories work as expected. With my S21 and Note 8, Alexa will not make a call through the Samsung phone app and in turn will only play the call through the phones earpiece.. Any advice woudl be appreciated. Thanks

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