S21 Backordered

On January 31st I ordered a S21 128GB, did the trade in on my wifes phone. I then ordered a S21 256GB unlocked, trading in my phone. Her phone came on the 5th with the two day shipping, just missing the free Smart Tag they were out of. My order was due on or before the 16th. Checked my order and it has now been pushed back to March 2nd estimated. Samsung support said they did not anticipate demand the the larger memory version and are having trouble getting stock. He said it should arrive around March 2nd but look for updates in case of further delays. Not sounding very promising. I also checked just for the heck of it area T Mobile stores non of them carry anything but the 128GB version of an S21. Anyone else hear anything about this version taking over a month to ship? Samsung offered 10% back after it gets delivered.

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